7 ways to enjoy your finer things

Once a year I pull out my "finer things" for the festivities that lie ahead.  From the linens and flatware that adorn the table, to the menus I plan and the food I cook, to the clothing I wear and the care I take to look my best, I put in the extra time and... Continue Reading →

The lost art of sewing

Before the wonderful TV show Mad Men made us conscious of how we have exchanged sophistication and "dressing up" for casual comfort in our clothing in the last forty years, I had felt for some time that something was "off" with clothing design and quality.  Buying modern, unique, quality clothing at mid-range prices has been... Continue Reading →

Lessons from a fire

Last Thursday I watched in horror as my neighbor's house, which belonged to an elderly couple, burned down. I was even more horrified and saddened to learn later that evening that one person, the wife, was killed. Her name was Patsy. I did not know Patsy, but I saw her working in her beautiful garden... Continue Reading →

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