Hello!  Thanks so much for checking out Where’s My Paintbrush!  I am an artist and marketer living in Austin, Texas.  I studied oil painting under Michael Schliefke and have been a high-tech marketer for 29 years.

This blog is no longer active. In 2016, I took a break from painting and blogging to care for ailing parents and to travel through the grief process after their passing. Work has kept me so busy – especially because of the blogging I do for my job – that I haven’t been able to do this blog justice. I’m keeping it around in case I get back to it at some point. Thank you for stopping by!

Warmly, T

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  1. Wow! Surprised and not surprised–you always had a much deeper appreciation of design and metaphor than most “people in marketing.” Terrific work! FYI, my mother was an accomplished painter who followed a very similar path to the one you’re on, finding passion, style and an unfiltered voice that gave her work power. She went from studying Impressionism to developing her own non-objective style over the years–at one point making the turn by not doubting what she felt or her right to express it. Very exciting Teresa! Looking forward to seeing where you go.-DE


    1. David, it is so wonderful to hear from you! And I can’t thank you enough for your kind words of encouragement. You were instrumental in my development as a marketer, particularly of the fearlessness I tend to project when it comes to creative, design, and the emotional connection branding and messaging should incite. I do recall that your mother was a painter; her story is so inspiring! Do you have images of her work that you could share with me? Thank you again for following! Best, T


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